Ditchingham Farms

The arable farm at Ditchingham has been contract farmed by Sentry Ltd. since 2001.  Sentry is based at Hill House Farm.

Our grasslands and woodlands are managed separately to the arable contract.

Farm panoramic

The soils range from heavy Beccles Series Clay to lighter, sandier soils to the southern end of the farm.  Cropping is predominantly based around wheat, with break crops of oilseed rape, spring beans, maize and sugar beet.  The farm imports large quantities of organic matter from local livestock farms in order to maintain the soil in good health.

Tractor fab

GPS is used across all machines, including in the sprayer, to ensure accurate application of pesticides, and on the drill to vary seed rates according to soil types.  Staff are well trained to ensure efficient and accurate application of all products used.

Harvest 2013

Contact: John Barrett – johnpb@sentry.co.uk