Ditchingham Hall is a classical red brick Queen Anne house, overlooking a park and man-made lake.

The current hall was largely built around 1710 by the Rev. John James Bedingfield, who replaced an earlier hall shown on Waterman’s map of 1615.  In 1885, Ditchingham Hall and the Estate were bought from the Bedingfield family by William Carr.  His son, also William, enlarged the hall in 1910.  The extension was designed by Herbert J. Green.  William Carr moved the front of the hall to the west façade, and added a terrace where the old front door had been.

THE MAIN ENTRANCE GATES (designed by Louis Osman) were built by Brigadier William Greenwood Carr, CVO, DSO, (grandson of the William Carr who bought the hall) in 1953, to commemorate his silver wedding anniversary.

THE STAGS ON THE GATE POSTS were the first commission taken on by David Wynne while he was still at Cambridge.

THE GOLDEN GATES, attached to the Hall, came originally from Staunton Harold (original seat of the Shirley family in Leicestershire) and depict the Shirley coat of arms.

Golden gates